2017 KIA Carens

When you think about buying a new car, you probably think about American made models or models that are coming from countries in Asia. But, these are not the only countries that are known for making cars. Russia is also making its mark in the auto industry. They are doing this with their line of KIA vehicles. New 2017 KIA Carens is one of the first vehicles from this line.

2017 KIA Carens Front

2017 KIA Carens Exterior and Interior

KIA doesn’t make as many new car models as other manufacturers. They are known for making quality and then sticking with it. Once they get their lineup where they want it to be then they stick with it. This means that you don’t see ten new models a year out of them. You usually only see about 2 new models released every year. They have had great success with their SUVs. This year they are moving more into a small family hybrid vehicle. This doesn’t mean that it runs on hybrid fuels. This hybrid is more akin to the outback that we saw in years past. It is a cross between an SUV and an MPV.

This provides many advantages for families. You have more leg room and storage space than a simple small car would offer. 2017 KIA Carens is great for people who have several kids or for those family road trips to Grandma’s.

2017 KIA Carens Interior

2017 KIA Carens Engine specs

They have not sacrificed looks for function. The 2017 KIA Carens offers a very sleek exterior. It also provides you with the power to get on the move. You can choose from three different engines. For a gas engine you can choose either a 1.6 GDI or 2.0 MPI engine. These engines provide a good amount of gas mileage also. You can expect about 24 kilometers to the gallon when driving in the city and 34 kilometers per gallon when cruising the highway. You also can choose to go with a diesel engine that offers 1.7 GDI of power.

2017 KIA Carens Rear

2017 KIA Carens Price and Release date

So, how much will this powerhouse set you back? KIA has not released a final list price yet. But, 2017 KIA Carens is expected to cost around $21,000. This is not a bad cost to put a luxury vehicle in your driveway. But, looks and a great engine are not the only things that you will find in the 2017 KIA Carens. You also will find a touch screen audio system and dual climate controls. If you are in the market for a new vehicle then you should consider this new KIA model.

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