2016 Toyota Tacoma

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is the latest in double cab truck. The signature Toyota Hilux has been redesigned for the past few years to suit market trends and truck enthusiast’s preferences. The Tacoma is still in the early stages of development and design. Rumors of a plant being built in Mexico are circling around and it is speculated that the Hilux truck could be the one being produced at the new plant. Toyota truck lovers are waiting the unveiling of the new vehicle. Many are hoping for new and different features but a design that doesn’t steer clear from the signature Toyota truck design.

2016 Toyota Tacoma front view

2016 Toyota Tacoma: Engine

The kinds of features that the 2016 Toyota Tacoma should have are being discussed on a few pickup truck driving forums. None are specific on what the vehicle must come with but changes or improvements to the car are expected. The engine is one of the first things that come to mind. The current Hilux engine is a V6 that stores 4.0 liters. The size of the engine gives an indication of how many pounds truckers can tow. The current Toyota pickup truck tows approximately 6500 pounds. A bigger engine is expected of the Tacoma because this will allow drivers to tow more weight than they can tow now.

2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

2016 Toyota Tacoma: News

Avid Toyota truck driver, Allen Moss, would like to see a power sunroof, leather interior and power seats. “Come on Toyota unveil the upgrades and changes the Tacoma will undergo. I don’t want to lose interest,” he says. Ryan says that he loves Toyota. “My wish is for them to bring it in the States as a Tacoma,” he says. Toyota has played its cards very close to its chest revealing little about its designs and modifications to the 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

2016 Toyota Tacoma rear view

2016 Toyota Tacoma: Fuel Economy, Release

Manual gear transmission that goes all the way up to six is a likely addition to the truck. Faster driving and fuel efficiency will be the main feature if six speed transmissions is part of the trucks features. This 2016 Toyota Tacoma is expected to be released in late 2015. The Los Angeles Auto Show is where the truck might make its opening. There is very little concrete information available about the 2016 Tacoma this has caused other drivers to lose interest and to look into competitor pickup trucks. Midsized trucks like the Volkswagen Amarok, the Nissan Navara, the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon are other interests that Hilux enthusiasts are eyeing for next year.

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