2016 Toyota Kluger Price

2016 Toyota Kluger is a new model which is manufactured and will be released by Toyota Company early 2016. This vehicle will have to undergo unique deal of redesign and a lot of refurbishment. This car will be very stylish and highly turbulent to meet customers need.

2016 Toyota Kluger front

2016 Toyota Kluger Interior and Exterior

It has very aggressive exterior design made of high quality and strong materials. These materials will be able to survive external pressures like scratches, damages, and dents. It will have modern and more fitting headlights with a new front grille and added face. It will require refurbishments in its wings. Back of the car will be reconstructed using unique modern lines.

Its interior will need some modifications such as improved pre-crash systems, blind spot monitoring, automated cruise control, and anti-lock braking systems. These features enhance security of this car. Other features that enhance entertainment include, touch screen interface, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port for external media, and a 6-pack speaker stereo unit with a high definition radio system. The car will have very spacious and comfortable cabin for both driver and his passengers. Also it will have a well-furnished and spacious cargo and luggage space. The car interior also has dual airbags, knee airbags for driver, and head airbags for passengers seated in first and second row.

2016 Toyota Kluger rear

2016 Toyota Kluger Engine 

2016 Toyota Kluger will feature two engine options. The features of the engine will be similar to 2015 model. One of the engines will have 185 horsepower and the other one maxing at 270horsepower. These two engines make this vehicle to be a beast while on the road. Both engines are connected to an automatic transmission 6 speed. The first engine will be 2.7 liter 4 cylinder and the second have 3.0 liter V6 cylinder which has more torque output thus reducing emissions and fuel consumption of the car. 2016 Toyota Kluger the fuel economy for this model is within the economical range. The car is estimated to consume 20 miles per gallon when in cities and towns, 25 miles per gallon when driving in highways. This makes this model very economical to clients in terms of fuel consumption. For optimum performance the 2016 Toyota Kluger uses powerful electric battery. It also designed to have four wheels drive which provide torque to all wheel thus making it efficient to all terrains.

2016 Toyota Kluger interior

2016 Toyota Kluger Release and Price

The prices of this 2016 Toyota Kluger model is not yet decide but reliable sources states that the model will have a price range of $32,000 to $48,000. Reports indicate that this stylish Toyota model will be released at the start of year 2016.

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