2016 Toyota Hilux Changes

Demand for the 2016 Toyota Hilux has made Toyota make it available in many markets, US specially, making that way many customers very happy. And since the interest of US customers is involved, the newest model is expected to be bigger bolder and more power efficient. 2016 Toyota Hilux these data indicate that relocation may trigger in absence of the current Tacoma name but Toyota Company remains silent about that. In its eight generation of vehicles and so many different names depending of the market, this veteran is about to make the major switch. But no matter what decision is made, the fresh new Toyota Hilux is, due to its popularity, going to be more qualitative and with better performance than previous models.

2016 Toyota Hilux front

2016 Toyota Hilux Exterior and Interior

Aiming to please customers, the new Toyota Hilux is growing bigger. It’s not just bigger it is also wider. Since its main purpose is traveling different and quite demanding terrains and less tough ones, the designers had both in mind while creating this one. So the dimensions changes as well as the qualitative materials are a must. The overall look is bit sportier and massive. The large headlights are dominating the front of the vehicle showing off with wide trapezoidal grille. Another one to get changes is the bold new front bumper along with large intake slots. The 2016 Toyota Hilux is sharing the large platform of current Kluger but remains unique.

The inside is 2016 Toyota Hilux is getting fewer changes than its exterior. It usual look is quite enough to satisfy demanding customers so it’s getting just mild alterations and occasional changes. The overall look of dashboard is pretty similar to those in its predecessors. To make himself different than before the Toyota used some new materials in order to do the job.  Another way to improve it is to make some additional equipment as standard and so even the base models are backed up with features like automatic climate control, audio system or even a trip computer.

2016 Toyota Hilux rear

2016 Toyota Hilux Engine

Leaving most of interior as it was, the Toyota turned its attention to upgrading what’s under the hood. So there are some new engines available as well as some carried over from previous models. The Cummins 5 liter V8 model showed pretty worthy so the new engine is going to be based on this technology and it’s going to be 2.8 liters powered with over 160 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque. It is going to be more fuel efficient than the current 3.0 liter one with decrease in power but increase in toque. The carried one is going to be 2.7 liter inline 4. It will be able to produce 180 horsepower and 188 lb-ft of torque. The transmission on 2016 Toyota Hilux is something different.  New gearboxes -6 speed manual and a 6 speed automatic with both automatic and manual transmission are replacing old 5 manual/automatic and 4 speed automatic. 2016 Toyota Hilux they were simply not good enough for various terrains planed for new Hilux.

2016 Toyota Hilux interior

2016 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

The US market will see this improved and, to its standards redesigned, truck somewhere in the end of 2015. The price for 2016 Toyota Hilux is going to start with $30,000 and get higher with better equipment installed inside.

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