2016 Subaru Legacy

Subaru has always excelled in innovation, making its name as a company that is never afraid to try new things. Subaru has created some impressive vehicles over the years and almost always guarantees impressively performing products with superior designs. The 2016 Subaru Legacy promises to continue the company’s unwavering determination to provide superior quality and performance.

2016 Subaru Legacy front view

Subaru Legacy: Overview

The 2016 Subaru Legacy is expected to out compete rivals such as Chrysler and Ford with its power train, not only more affordable but designed to complement Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive system, making for a Sedan that is bound to turn several curious heads.

2016 Subaru Legacy: Interior

The interior of the 2016 Legacy makes effective use of leather, with the seats, wheel and dashboard designed to avail an interior that is both simple and sophisticated. The vehicle should provide enough room for the purposes it’s required to perform; the Legacy also seems determined to contend for world’s safest car with its litany of safety technology, from airbags and safety belts to collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control (using stereo cameras) and Eyesight technology for lane-keeping assist to mention but a few. The 2016 Legacy’s design utilizes a sound absorbing material purposed to effectively separate the inside from the exterior environment. The central console includes a touch screen multimedia tool (6.2 inches in size) which provides satellite navigation.

2016 Subaru Legacy interior

2016 Subaru Legacy: Exterior

The 2016 legacy boasts a clean sporty exterior design with taillights, revamped bumper and LED headlights. In terms of dimensions, the 2016 legacy should be longer than its predecessors. And while exterior changes were kept to a minimum, the vehicle enjoys a superior build with better quality material. You can also expect bigger wheels, fog lamps and a variety of trim options.

2016 Subaru Legacy: Engine

The 2016 Legacy will boast a 175 horsepower 2.5 liter four cylinder engine with a torque of 173 lb-ft; there is also an option for a 256 horsepower 2.6 liter 6 cylinder engine with a torque of 247 lb-ft. The result is a power displacement better than most Subaru rivals within this range, even though the automated transmission system does allow for some sluggishness. In comparison to its predecessors, the 2016 Subaru Legacy should exceed expectation with regards to fuel economy and performance.

2016 Subaru Legacy rear view

2016 Subaru Legacy: Price and Release Date

The 2016 Subaru Legacy is expected to hit the markets in early 2015, with the price at an estimated $27,000. With a slew of upgrades and advancements in performance, interior design and safety features, the 2016 legacy is expected to outperform competitors like the Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry.

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