2016 Opel Antara Engine

The 2016 Opel Antara is a result of Collaboration between America’s Giant General Motors and European’s Manufacturer Opel. This 2016 Opel Antara is expected to have resemblance of upcoming midsize crossover Buick’s Envision and will outplace the old in the future. And it was marketed and been introduced back in 2006 by various companies like GMC in Korea, Daewoo Winstorm Maxx. Since launch, Antara had minor redesign but now it’s time for drastic changes. The difference from others will be mostly from inside as well as outside and they hoping that the redesign will strengthen its sales in compact SUV as completion is huge from other manufacturers.

2016 Opel Antara front


2016 Opel Antara Review

On the inside 2016 Opel Antara is equipped with modern technology alongside Luxurious Cabin. It has various safety driving assists, best in class leather embroidery on seats, redesigned center console, E-Braking mechanism, Gear Shift Indicator, Hill Assist, Air Bags, Seat Belt Tension.  The Exterior of 2016 Opel Antara is very cutting-edge design. The company focuses to revolutionize the SUVs division with its embellished grille upfront having Opel logo at its center. A new LED tail lights and also Fog lights. Tires also redesigned with a 19 inch aluminum wheels. This model features splendidly redesigned chassis with enhanced suspension system and newly equipped damper. 2016 Opel Antara features a elegantly chiseled exterior with differently designed curved lines in a new pattern.

2016 Opel Antara rear

2016 Opel Antara Engine

Under the Hood this SUV packs some decent specs. And they are available in two options. One being LTG ECOTEC 2.0L turbo charged generating 256 Horsepower with 260 pound-foot torque. Other is a 2.0 liter CDTi engine with 195 horsepower. One should see that the Car is capable of giving High output power while consuming less gas with less Co2 emissions.

Engine comes with exceptional Six Speed DDS Transmission with four wheel drive(4WD) technology. If you want to drive a 195HP CDTi 2.0 liter you should be in Europe as its exclusive only in Europe.  Fuel Efficiency of 2016 Opel Antara is excellent. One can easily drive among the streets with One Gallon of gas as it gives 27 MPG in the city whereas 31 MPG of fuel economy on the highway.

2016 Opel Antara interior

2016 Opel Antara Price and Release Date

Opel Antara has been shown one of German Auto Shows this year. If one wants to get the SUV that is intended to change and revolutionize the SUVs then you have to wait till this year ending that is end of 2015 or early 2016. 2016 Opel Antara is the bang for the buck as the base model costs around $20,000 only. A SUV with such a low price, will be a definite hit.

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