2016 Honda Pilot

What makes the 2016 Honda Pilot special? What the new model is all about? The future of the Honda brand is promising, the 2016 Honda Pilot that will be released is said to be longer, less blocky and is likened to Acura. The 2016 Honda Pilot will carry out a long overdue project of the famous car brand. It will be a replacement for the Pilot Crossover and will present a new body of work, combined with Honda Badges.

2016 Honda Pilot front view

Why the new model is worth noticing? The current Pilot design is already used since 2009, it contains some of the most basic body forms that were ever released by Honda. Since 2012 Honda has not released many changes with the design. The 2015 and 2016 Honda Pilot models are set to provide immense changes from the usual designs. It will contain features that are sure to beat competition almost in an instant.

The new car designs from Honda will be lighter; Honda has a need to re-establish itself and will do anything to get it. The main goal is to let clients know that Honda wants to become the leader when it comes to go-to brand for models that contain three-row until mid-size crossovers.

2016 Honda Pilot interior

2016 Honda Pilot: Changes

What to expect for the new model?

The upcoming model is set to be longer, this means that the Pilot’s third row seats would be able to accommodate more people; it will be more spacious and comfortable to use. There are still a lot of things hidden about this new Honda project, there are just glimpses of what could exist with the new styling of the cars make and model.

2016 Honda Pilot: Release Date and Price

The 2016 Honda Pilot is expected to arrive in the showroom sometime in the fall of next year. it will be a 2016 model, this was the same case with what happened with the 2015 model that came out early in 2014.

What is the estimated price? The estimated release price of the Honda Pilot for 2016 will be around $ 30,700.

2016 Honda Pilot side view

2016 Honda Pilot: Features

The expected features of the new design will include the mimic or the inclusion of squarish units on the current model, while the headlights will be turned into a sleeker and more horizontal piece just like the Accord design pieces. The 2016 model could have one grille opening, and the Pilot’s Automoblox look is seen to be removed in the up and coming models of Honda.

The latest models will also include a powertrain. The latest direct-injected 3.5 liter V-6 is also seen to be an added motivation to the future Honda model. The new version of the Pilot will also have the latest version of the AWD system and will also have some features like that of the Acura. Some have stated that there is also a good chance that it will have a six-speed automatic that will also make use of some designs from the Accord-V6.

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