2016 Honda Odyssey

Automobile industry has gone through glamouring changes in recent past; some of the automobile enterprises have made a stronger come back. Honda is one of them; Honda is back with some amazing cars that are going to astonish the standards set by other popular cars in the same genre. The new car as announced as is Honda Odyssey, the company has worked on different aspects like interior, power and fuel efficiency to make it the darling of the people around the world.

2016 Honda Odyssey front view

2016 Honda Odyssey: Overview

Honda Odyssey is set to release in the financial year 2016. The new 2016 Honda Odyssey is a well-defined version of the previous versions of Odyssey released in 2014. The company has worked on the various nuances and made a car that defies all the previous versions and sets new standards of performance and fuel efficiency. If reports and rumor are to be believed the car is going to be more and more stylish than before.

2016 Honda Odyssey interior

2016 Honda Odyssey: Engine

The Honda Company has already made an announcement that the car is going to be very much performance oriented and fuel efficient. If the car is going to be performance oriented then it is almost needless to say that the engine is going to be powerful. There is no specific detail of engine’s capacity available but reports from different sources have revealed that the car is going to have an engine in between 2.1-2.5 liter. The engine will be more fuel efficient and the cylindrical valves will add the requisite speed and power.

2016 Honda Odyssey: Design

Honda has always designed stylish cars and with this Odyssey Honda keeps the caricatured image going strong. The design is unique, the headlights are designed in an exquisite manner to attract some innocuous eyes and make people fall for it. The interior is very cosy and has all the requisite security features like central locking system and airbags. The centralized air conditioner and the comfortable armrest are designed to give you a homely feel.

2016 Honda Odyssey side view

2016 Honda Odyssey: Release Date and Price

The auto-mobile enterprise has already made an announcement that car is going to be up for sale from the mid of the year 2016 but the bookings have already started. The world is looking forward to an affordable car but it depends on the company and with all the features like powerful engine and fuel efficient performance the price is likely to increase. According to reports from different sources the car is slated at the slab of 18,000 to 20,000 $.

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