2016 Honda Accord

This model is viewed to be a dramatic revampaged, the exterior part of it will undergo several changes, it will come with a more appealing and aggressive look. The showcase for the design in rim will be the tidy rim design, though there would be no change on the head and tail-light, it will be having huge glasses.

2016 Honda Accord front view

2016 Honda Accord: Design

Inside the log cabin the front seat space will be a superb it will be having enough room for the head and the leg, and it will provide convenience for the travellers on the rear. There will be reshaping of the headlight and the bumpers, and the edges will be sharper for overall better, look for the sedan model. Modernization in 2016 Honda Accord will be done on the front grille, and give a design that would provide more aggressive appearance.

2016 Honda Accord: Hybrid

New exterior colours may be offered, this would enhance the new 2016 Honda accord after image. There would be minor face lift since it is in the 9thgeneration, It is particularly designed for the US design, It will be coming in availability of 4 variance: regular hybrid, plug-in hybrid, sedan and coupe which are more similar in both equipment and there styling.

2016 Honda Accord interior

2016 Honda Accord: Interior

The 2016 Honda Accord interior is expected with several information and entertainment functions, since Honda normally focuses on this,it will come with, at the centre of dash board, a large screen display, an audio system which is outstanding and this car would have various specific sort of connections. There would be revolutionary technology, there would be availability of the base LX trim, the wheel will be 16-inch alloy touchscreen which would be 8-inch cruise control USB, review camera, connectivity of Bluetooth, and dual zone control of climate, and steering wheel which would be telescoping, some features of high-tech safety, would be offered with the EX-L and EX rim levels like, warning of lane departure and blind spot monitoring with a system that can warn forward collision.

2016 Nonda Accord: Engine

In the engine, could be anticipated to be variation of hybrid, this a good information for the market in US, there would be no change in the schedule of the power train therefore it would be 2.4-litres inline cylinder outcome of existing 185 horse power an 181 pound feet of torque which will be enhanced. Both the versions of the engines are mated to either CVT or six-speed manual upon the trim the optional engine is a 3.5-litre with 278 hp and 252 lb-ft of torque and it is a V6 it is meted to six-manual transmission or six-speed automatic.

2016 Honda Accord rear view

2016 Honda Accord: Price

This model is expected in early 2016 or late 2015 the pricing is expected to be in the similar range with current model for sedan. It would be between $ 24,000 and $ 34,000 and for coupe it would be $ 24,000 to $ 31,000.

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