2016 Dodge Dakota

The very first car of 2016 Dodge Dakota was launched long back i.e. in the year 1987. Then, its second version or model was released in the year 1997. There was some problems with the model like it was expensive and all. So, sales of this car reduced to a great extent in this last decade. Hence, to put things right, company is introducing the 2016 Dodge Dakota. Dodge’s wish to make a lifestyle has found efforts through this brand new Dakota. Their idea was to give in features that are hugely needed. According to sources, it is going to be manufactured in their Mexican plant as its designs are almost ready. It is evident that expectations are sky high from this vehicle. It is being prepared in such a way that it can compete with all cars of its kind. In this article, you will be able read information available about this automobile.

2016 Dodge Dakota front

2016 Dodge Dakota: Concept

2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to have an all new look in which the aggressive factor will be very much dominant. It will have a new framework which is similar to Jeep type cars. Its design also has resemblance with Doge Ram Blanco. It is expected to be little larger than its earlier models. It will also be more luxurious, modern and dynamic to give that tag of a lifestyle car. Cargo area will remain quite large and so carry lot of cargo. Its chassis has one trailer and for doors. Stylish headlights and chrome grille represent its front. Its entire length of cabin is installed with chrome trim. Both the bumpers are painted in black. 2016 Dodge Dakota has will have interiors of a modern day cay i.e. will have proper proportion of both style and function. It said to be packed with features and equipments useful for both work and fun. Seats are very comfortable and relax able as it can be adjusted as per passengers. Materials used are of excellent quality as required.

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

2016 Dodge Dakota: Interior

There is plenty of cabin space also in 2016 Dodge Dakota. Air conditioning, latest audio player, functional steering wheel, a LCD display screen, in build compass, thermometer, etc. To add to it, a state of art defrosts system, defogger side windows, travel accounts, ABS and many more. For this type of vehicles, engine and its performance matter the most. A powerful engine to carry load and good mileage to save money is a necessity. This model is expected to have a V6 four cylinder engine under its bonnet. Other options for 2016 Dodge Dakota engine system are also present.

2016 Dodge Dakota  rear

2016 Dodge Dakota: Interior

Earlier due to its high price, sales of Dakota had reduced. So, Dodge is performing every bit of calculation necessary for setting an accurate price. 2016 will be the year of its launch. 2016 Dodge Dakota is expecting to attract both new and old customers towards it again. In one word, it is a utility car. So, don’t hesitate to choose this car when in need.

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