2016 BMW X1

BMW had unveiled its newest model of cars from its much awaited X1 series – 2016 BMW X1, at the Detroit Auto Show. It marks the company’s acquisition of the model in the United States as nothing less than surprising to wishful customers and car industry experts. BMW X1 was developed and released in Europe in 2009, but it reached American shores only in 2012. Since then it has under gone a lot of development in order to make it more and more customer friendly.

2016 BMW X1: Design

According to car reviewers, 2016 BMW X1 possesses a much sportier look compared to its other X1 predecessors. The car has been developed and designed to be shorter and much sleek in appearance than it had been ever been before. The relatively shorter length of the car is a result of a completely new platform which is underpinned. This makes the front end of 2016  X1 look relatively short in length.

2016 BMW X1 front

2016 BMW X1: Specs, Interior

According to company insiders, 2016 X1 is speculated to possess a predominantly rear wheel driving platform and an all wheel driving platform in other models. The driving platform will be based on 2014 MINI Cooper’s platform derived from UKL technology. The power transmission system consists of a clutch setup with preferably multiple plates in arrangement (Haldex). Other models of BMW X1 will also have a standard front wheel driving platform. According to company engineers, 2016 BMW X1 is better off possessing the UKL technology based front wheel driving platform as this makes packaging relatively easy and reduces costs of production as it is now possible to manufacture at a relatively larger scale. Therefore, due to economies of scale (reduction in average production costs due to a larger scale of production) the latest BMW X1 will have a relatively lower cost than that of X1’s preceding models. According to car industry experts, the interior of 2016 X1 is much likely to grow because of the fact that the car engine has been mounted in a transverse position, thus making it easy for engineers to carve out extra space for the cockpit.

2016 BMW X1 interior

2016 BMW X1: Engine

Company insiders have revealed that 2016 BMW X1 – the latest development in BMW’s X1 series of cars, will work on a 6 cylinder engine with other hybrid models having 4 cylinders and 3 cylinders engines as well. The car engine will be mounted in a transverse position which is required for installing the UKL technology based front wheel driving platform inside the car.

2016 BMW X1 rear

2016 BMW X1: Release Date

According to company insiders, new BMW X1 will be released in the United States as well as the rest of the world in the latter half of 2015. However, the model will continue to undergo considerable amount of tuning and other modification during this period. These changes are to make sure that 2016 BMW X1 makes it big in the car market while satisfying most of BMW’s huge customer base.

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