2016 BMW M8

In 2016, BMW turns 100 years old, and what would be better than to mark the occasion with a supercar capable of competing with Volkswagen’s Audi’s R8, and Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG? Rumors are getting louder as the date approaches, and it seems even more possible that we will greet the fresh new model. Although starting idea was to name this car M1, mostly because of the M1 Hommage concept car unveiled at the 2008 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, it seems like they had another idea so the title of this little project is going to be 2016 BMW M8, mostly thanks to the sharing of the same platform with the upcoming i8. Its lightweight design and specially adapted i8 gasoline powered engine will make it a vehicle of impressive performance.

2016 BMW M8

2016 BMW M8: Specs, Engine

Although still a concept, based on what we heard so far, why not let imagination run loose? The platform of the 2016 BMW M8 is BMW’s i8 eco sports car. It’s not too much to expect a long “V” hood supported by the one fine scoop and big air intake and engine cooling. It can get a bit flashy with some laser-light technology and interesting headlights, but it wouldn’t be impossible. Since the structure could be made of lightweight material it could easily be that the 2016 BMW M8 will achieve the 2,760-pound target weight and have a top speed around 200 mph. And according to some rumors, with upgraded version of the M5’s direct-injected 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 it could easily have 640-670 horsepower. Although by the 2016 technology as we know it may be outdated, it is still pretty probable that the inside of this new BMW may resemble the current i8. We may expect it to seem more than similar to that central information display and instrument panel. Judging by the rumors, we will be able to recreate that feeling of a spacious leather seat, carbon-fiber cockpit we had in the famous i8.

2016 BMW M8 rear

2016 BMW M8: Price

If the 2016 BMW M8 makes it to production, it’s highly likely that it’ll be extremely limited. Estimates by the Car and Driver, the 2016 BMW M8 will be probably priced around $ 330,000, although other estimates place the price closer to $ 500,000. Since this is the first supercar from the blue-spinner crew since 1981 and, as the BMW announces, the supercar of the future, the price may not be too much for those who realize its potentials.

2016 BMW M8 interior

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