2016 BMW 9

Recently BMW went ahead and gave the first glimpse of their ambitious project 2016 BMW 9. When it comes to elegant and luxurious cars BMW is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to your mind. The German manufacturers so far have been very successful in all their ventures. They are a top manufacturer in market for sedan. With competition from other brands, BMW recently are trying to upgrade their vehicles, which would ensure their strong hold in market. 2016 BMW 9 is a complete luxury sedan car. It would be the longest car from them so far i.e. nearly 5500 mm or about 216 inches. Main purpose of this car would be to competition to Roll Royce’s ghost and maintain a strong hold in the market.

2016 BMW 9 front

2016 BMW 9: Specs

Since 2016 BMW 9 mainly falls under category of luxury car, a lot of focus has gone into designing. Model which was initially displayed by BMW looked elegant and chic. It is being built on light weight G1 modular platform. Some improvements are yet to come in final production model. It has already been mentioned that length of the car is being increased. This is supposedly done in order to increase sale in Asian markets where people tend to have chauffeurs. According to market reports this change will be welcomed.

2016 BMW 9: Exterior

Some more features which are about to be included in 2016 BMW 9 are ultra-thin laser Headlamps, organic LED taillamps, etc. Trunk design would be more finely sculptured. Tailpipes would be completely integrated into rear bumper. One of the finest improvements is that B-Pillars are missing. Actually light weight carbon fibre bars used in this model would hold front and rear door when they open. It looks like all major problems with 7 series would be overcome in the 9 Series.

2016 BMW 9 interior

2016 BMW 9: Interior

In the interior 2016 BMW 9 is a finely designed car. It defines luxury in every sense. Two rear seats displays have carbon fibre shell. A detachable touch command tablet is present at the rear seat. These two display screens in rear can communicate with the front display which would help car owners to communicate with chauffeurs.

2016 BMW: Release, mph

A connection is also made to the BMW connected driver services in case of any technical difficulty. It is expected to give a top speed of about 155 mph. Also it is rumoured to have an acceleration of 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. Final price of the car has yet not been finalised. One of the primary focus for 2016 BMW 9 is Asian market, mainly China. This would have an effect on its cost. It would release yearly in 2016. Also an armoured high security version will come into market soon after the main car is launched. Success of this car would ensure that BMW remains one of top names when it comes to luxury family and business cars. Final price is yet to be decided by BMW.     

2016 BMW 9 side

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