2016 BMW 5 Series

BMW has revealed the newest weapon in its arsenal of modern day luxury cars – 2016 BMW 5 Series. It is said to be one of the most revolutionizing model in the history of the company’s 5 Series launched by BMW in the early 1970’s. It has got two variants – a Sedan and a Station Wagon – which will be available for purchase to customers all across the globe. 2016 BMW 5 Series is speculated to have a relatively lighter body and chassis compared to its predecessors all thanks to the new CFRP technology which allows it to lose some considerable amount of weight.

2016 BMW 5 Series: Exterior

According to company insiders, framework and exterior designing of the car is believed to be based on very modern technologies based on VCD (Vision Connected Drive).  The latest model from BMW’s highly acclaimed 5 Series was completely camouflage while it underwent its track testing throwing spectators and car industry reviewers in speculation. BMW might be considering to completely changing the existing exterior design of the car from 5 Series.

2016 BMW 5 series front

2016 BMW 5 Series: Interior

According to company insiders, the luxury sen is expected to receive a complete makeover from its previous forms with new head and tail lights, cutting edge front and rear designs and distinguishing body line that will greatly add to its contours.  Interiors of 2016 BMW 5 Series are speculated to contain multiple security and safety based gadgets and other such features. One safety such feature employs a three dimensional stereoscopic camera which improves safety standards and helps in preventing any kind of accident on the road. With such a feature in possession new BMW 5 Series will also be able to avoid undesirable circumstance that usually occur while driving at relatively low speeds.

2016 BMW 5 Series: Engine, Hybrid

2016 BMW 5 Series has been provided with a completely new V-8, 1.5L three cylinder engine which is capable of achieving a maximum speed of approximately 155mph with it reaching the 60mph mark in just 7 seconds. Other models of latest BMW 5 Series are speculated to replace the 1.5L engine with a 3.0L or 4.0L with 6 cylinders or 8 cylinders respectively in the hybrid models. There is also a revised version that will use a 4.4L V-8 engine which is the existing configuration in the preceding 5 series of cars.

2016 BMW 5 series rear

2016 BMW 5 Series: Price and Release

2016 BMW 5 Series is most likely to face competition from other such high end luxury cars such as Mercedes E350 and E500 both of which feature a V-8 engine capable of producing a whooping 302HP’s of power in the former and 402HP in the latter. 5 Series is one of best luxury cars offered by BMW and new BMW 5 Series find its place atop the 5 Series’ list. It is speculated to be released sometime in 2016 presumably as a 2017 model car. According to company insiders, the 2016 BMW 5 Series will have its price to be starting from a whopping $ 51,400.

2016 BMW 5 series interior

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