2015 Volkswagen GTI

2015 Volkswagen GTI will be a faster, lighter and bigger at the same time fuel efficient compared to current model. The good news is that it will not be charged at a high price but since the price will start from 25,215 dollars. This will be only 195 dollars over the current model.  The 25,215 dollars is for the entry level model and it has two doors with six speed manual transmission. It has LED foglight with footwell lighting.  However, many people will not be concerned on the motor of the car and the engine will be an EA888 turbocharged with inline four that is already in the VW Golf R. The engine will be capable of producing at least 210 hp with 25 lb-ft for the torque.  For someone who wants to add the performance up to 10hp, to have better brakes and an electronically controlled slip differential, he can add a performance package box that will cost 1,495 dollars when 2015 Volkswagen GTI  will be on the sale.

2015 Volkswagen GTI front

2015 Volkswagen GTI: Specs

Other options that will be added on the car is a lighting package of 995 dollars. It consists an adaptive lighting, LED running light, bi-xenon headlamps. For the person who will wish to have the warning system for the front collision or park distance control, you will have to pay 692 dollar for the driver assistance system. 2015 Volkswagen GTI will have a new steering and it is among the best electric power steering systems that you can find around. You will not be feeling any torque steer while driving. The engine in 2015 Volkswagen GTI will sound better because of the active sound generator. The performance package of the car will give the GTI car the best tractions and you have to think halfway within the all-wheel and the front wheel drive. The car can rock corners without any drama or wheelspin. The 2015 Volkswagen GTI has some few gripes such as stability control.

2015 Volkswagen GTI rear

2015 Volkswagen GTI: Concept, Engine, TDI

The exterior of the car will increase as well as the wheelbase. However, the roof will sit lower which will improve with the aerodynamic drag reduction of the car. The body will use high strength with hot formed steel that will be the improvement of the current cars by 28 percent. The MQB platform for all wheel or front drive will have an identical part within the steering box with the firewall regardless of the applications of the car. This is an important part of the car when it comes to vehicle assembly and crash protection. From a single chassis and engine foundation, the MQB may accommodate all the things that have to be found in the subcompact car or a midsize SUV. 2015 Volkswagen GTI will have a stronger but lighter car at the same time it will have a C pillar harking back which will make it to look handsome. The engine will be familiar to 2.0-liter with a direct injection with a turbo four. The peak horsepower for the standard trim it will increase up to 210 but the biggest improvement will be in the torque.

2015 Volkswagen GTI interior

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