2015 Volkswagen Amarok

2015 Volkswagen Amarok comes in exclusive editions at the same time distinctive trimming and it attempts to be a perfect car for everyone.  The car will have a facelift but what will be changed is yet to be known.  The model of the car has been presented in Geneva Motor Show.  Some say that the changes on the car will be done on the lights. The car will have LED daytime lights and Xenon headlamps. 2015 Volkswagen Amarok is a model known to have been engineered and designed in Europe and this is why it attracts many buyers. However even if the design may not be that different from these designed in Japan, its engine is. Things that are expected to be new on the car are the rectangular shape, taillights and headlights.  However, the rear may look the same.  The car may be able to accommodate five passengers while some cars will also be a single cab car with only two doors. The front seat had been designed to offer comfort but behind seat is not comfortable because of the height constraint.

2015 Volkswagen Amarok front

2015 Volkswagen Amarok: Specs

The 2015 Volkswagen Amarok will be equipped with a 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged with four cylinder engine that runs on the gasoline with a 2.0-liter TDI. The power will be 180 hp that will be transmitted by a manual transmission of six-speed and an automated transmission of eight-speed. The car with four-wheel, will have the towing capacity that equals to 3,200 lbs. The dimension of the car will have an effect on the engine. The 2015 Volkswagen Amarok will have a version that will be known as Dark label. This car will be characterized by 18-inch Durban wheels that have been made in the alloy and it will come with pillars painted black, rear bumper, sills, mirrors and doors locks. The interior of this car will also be distinguished by heated seats, multimedia system, navigation system and leather upholstery made in leather. This model will have two seats with the windows that have been tinted. The car will be available in black, white and blue.

2015 Volkswagen Amarok side

2015 Volkswagen Amarok: Engine, TDI, MPG

2015 Volkswagen Amarok the car may also have a 4.2-liter with V8 and 410 hp. The TDI engine will have 686 pound feet for the torque and it will be matted with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine will be capable of making 62 mph within 6 seconds while it will achieve a top rated speed which is 138mpg. The EPA ranking is expected to 25 mpg freeway.

2015 Volkswagen Amarok: Features

The new 2015 Volkswagen Amarok is expected to restyled and redesigned completely compared to the old version.  The front and the bumpers will look completely new. The car will also have many high tech equipment with many features.  The car will have a six-inches display which will be found on the dashboard. Other features that will be used to improve the driving experience, will be start and stop, parking sensors and others to improve with the fuel economy.  However, even if the price is yet to be known, it will not be too much for anyone who wants to own the car.

2015 Volkswagen Amarok interior

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