2015 Toyota Supra

For all fans of Toyota vehicles came the good news of the return of 2015 Toyota Supra model. To remember for a long time ago, when the last model Supra went public. This vehicle is from way back in 1979 and until 2002, was of great importance, not only for Toyota, but also for the entire automotive industry. Unfortunatelly, its existence must be stopped, for several reasons. One of the significant and perhaps decisive reason for this is, that is not able to meet new stricter emissions standards. Target people of this company with professional teams, they decided to seriously address this problem and put in order with many improvement, new model supra. This sporty model deserved another chance, if nothing else – then the good old days .

2015 Toyota Supra side

2015 Toyota Supra: Concept, Design

Supra sports car at the recently held Auto Show in Detroit, proved to be an FT-1 concept. So to mark or stamp Supra, which was abolished in 2006, now continues his further life hopefully successfully. As for the exterior, it certainly was a lot of redesigning, changing and improving in every sense of the word. Sports car as a concept, for sure it will not look the same as the serial production, however that much will remain the same. All comments were directed to an address that is FT-XS as a mixture for the production version of the FT-86 and FT-XS. On this question, the Director-General Mr. Akio Toyoda – who is also a race car driver, whether the model Supra induce nostalgia, the answer was – yes, because for this Toyota model to many people relate fond memories. The new vehicle will have a lot more powerful and more aggressive front end, new LED lights, a very interesting spoiler on the rear, dual exhaust pipes and more. As for the interior, 2015 Toyota Supra has no information, but we believe it will be much better quality technological innovation and achievement.

2015 Toyota Supra rear

2015 Toyota Supra: Engine, Hybrid

2015 Toyota Supra lot of rumors circulating around the powertrains of the new model. They heard the story of the 3.0-liter V6 engine with a production output of 350 hp. But as we found out – so there will be. Most likely you will find under the hood 3.5-liter gasoline V6 engine and two electric motors. This hybrid engine is capable of producing power of 400 hp and even 500 hp. A similar hybrid engine concept has the FT-XS and whether it will be so in this model, we need a little more worth to wait because you know that this is a fantastic sports car an extremely high performance. As competition Toyota Supra the model year 2015 , sees the new model Mazda RX-9 and Nissan model 3703.

2015 Toyota Supra interior

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