2015 Toyota Sienna

2015 Toyota Sienna promises to be a great improvement over the previous versions. This is expected to be another great automobile from the stable of Toyota, which has become a household name in the world of automobiles. Toyota logo is now seen as mark of originality. It is yet to be released into the auto market, but it is expected to hit the market before 2014 runs out. Practically all Toyota products bear that indelible mark of great technological innovation, and creativity. Toyota products do not just contribute to the purse of the manufacturers, but they also positively contribute to the society at large. The 2015 Toyota Sienna is not expected to be different in this regard. You can learn about some of the features, specifications and price below.

2015 Toyota Sienna front view

2015 Toyota Sienna: Engine Options, MPG

The engine and the body work are designed in such a way that they will contribute to fuel economy. By the time it finally hits the market towards the end of this year, it will be one of the besting terms of fuel efficiency. 2015 Toyota Sienna will run on a V6 3.5 liters engine, V6 engines are known for their contribution to fuel efficiency. The automobile will be built using very light materials and this too will contribute a great deal to its fuel efficiency. Aside fuel efficiency, the use of lightweight materials will also increase engine performance, improve on speed and make maneuvering very easy. The engine will produce up to 266 horsepower. It can propel the automobile from 0 to 60 within 58 seconds. The engine is coupled with 6 speed automatic transmission. During city drive, fuel consumption will be 18 mpg but during highway drive, it will be 26 mpg.

2015 Toyota Sienna rear view

2015 Toyota Sienna: Design

When it hits the market, it will compete with several other automobiles like Nissan Quest and Honda Odyssey. But it is going to be a winning battle for 2015 Toyota Sienna since its engine is superior to what obtains in the two mentioned earlier. The cabin will be very spacious. It also happens to be the only minivan that provides the 4 wheel drive option. It can sit up to 10 passengers at the same time, but standard number of passengers is 8. Both the second and the third rows of seat can be reclined to provide more space.

2015 Toyota Sienna: Specs

The interior receives lots of improvements. The contrasting trim on the dashboard is top of the line. The buttons and things are very easy to control. It comes with rear seat entertainment system, which is however optional. It will prove to be one of the safest automobiles to drive. 2015 Toyota Sienna is available in different trim levels. They are Limited, XLE, SE, LE and L. one of the new features thrown in is the tri zone climate control. It has 17 inches alloy wheels, 3 12V power outlets, 4-speakers stereo system, keyless entry cruise control power lock and power windows.

2015 Toyota Sienna interior

2015 Toyota Sienna: Release Date and Price

By the time 2015 Toyota Sienna enters the auto market at summertime this year, the price is expected to go up a bit higher than what obtains in previous version. The base model L is expected to sell for $ 29,000. The higher versions on the other hand are expected to go for something in the neighborhood of $ 34,000 to $ 41,000.

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