2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux will show to the world why Toyota products have been able to make a mark for themselves the world over. This is an automobile built with strength in mind. It is sure to show great level of durability and push other automobiles in the same category out of contest. It is yet to be unveiled in the automobile market anyway, but it is expected hot the market by the third quarter of 2014. It is expected to repeat the reliability and high quality for which Toyota products are known for. It is expected to come with new touches that will set it a world apart from the previous version.  Expectant buyers can check out some of its expected features, specifications and expected price below.

 2015 Toyota Hilux front

2015 Toyota Hilux: Specs, Competition

2015 Toyota Hilux is designed with new bumper and new front grilles. Its new design generally improves on its aerodynamics. Such improvement will help increase speed and also ensure better control. This eighth generation Toyota product is expected to be among the most fuel efficient of the pickup trucks in the same category. It is expected to overcome competitions that automobiles like Nisan Navara, Mazda BT50, VW Amarok, Holden Colorado and Ford Ranger may pose; they are in the same category. The truck is expected to be a kind of family-friendly truck both its interior and exterior are updated to meet up with demands and expectations. It is expected to be released in three models, which are Crew Cab variant, Extended Cab variant and Single Cab variant. The hood along with the grille is expected to be redesigned.

2015 Toyota Hilux: Engine, Diesel

To ensure complete safest of occupants, the 2015 Toyota Hilux is included with lots of safety features like satellite navigation system, rear view camera, seat belt reminder, 3-point middle and rear seat belts, traction control and stability control. The automobile is expected to run on two 4-cylinder diesel engines. There is also an option of V6 4.0 liter petrol engine, another option is the 2.5 liter diesel engine. If you like, you can also go for the final option of 3.0 liter diesel engine. The engines are expected to produce up to 169 horsepower at the rate of 3600 rpm. 2015 Toyota Hilux is made available both in the 4-wheel drive option and the two wheel drive option. The engines are coupled with 5 speed automatic transmission. It also comes with an option of manual transmission. It is built with very light material and his can help reduce fuel consumption a great deal.

2015 Toyota Hilux rear

2015 Toyota Hilux: Interior, Price

2015 Toyota Hilux will come with a number of security and safety features. Some of them are traction control system, stability control system, seat belts, air bag system, and rear view camera, navigating control system, forward collision warning and lane departure alert. It is also expected to feature a number of entertainment features like infotainment system, rear seat entertainment system which is optional, DVD player, USB port, 8-inch touch screen and several others. The price is not yet made public, but there are very strong indications that it will be a little above what obtains in the previous version. This is due to the great number of inclusions in this new version.

2015 Toyota Hilux interior

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