2015 Toyota Fortuner

2015 Toyota Fortuner is another of those great automobiles that have given. Toyota its household name and its respect across the world as one of the best selling automobiles in the United States of America and several other countries the world over. It is an automobile with a difference in all sense of the word. Those who had used the previous versions of the Toyota Fortuner can testify to its reliability. It is still to be made available in the auto market for sale, but market watchers think it should be available by the early part of January 2015. It is expected to compete heatedly with its rivals in the same category and most probably win the competition due to the great inclusions that will be put into its make up by the manufacturers. This write up will show you some of the expected specifications, features and price of 2015 Toyota Fortuner.

 2015 Toyota Fortuner front

2015 Toyota Fortuner: Interior, Exterior, Specs

Its interior and exterior are expected to be given new touches. The exterior of 2015 Toyota Fortuner may not get an entirely new design, but it is expected to look a little differently from the previous version. The interior on the other hand is expected to receive lots of touches to make it a head taller than several other automobiles in the same category. The exterior is expected to have new mirrors that are made of chrome. The mirror is also expected to have blinkers built into it. The frontal line up too is expected to bear some new touches. It will be built with lighter materials and steel. Steel will help prevent rusting. It will come with new bumpers and grilles. The headlights and taillights including the fog lights will also be redesigned to make 2015 Toyota Fortuner more attractive. The floor will most probably be covered using black carpet. The seat will be covered using leather of black and red coloration. It will be considerably spacious and there will be enough leg space between the first and second rows of seats. The roof level will also be increased to ensure adults can sit down more conveniently. A number of entertainment features will be noticed in the 2015 Toyota Fortuner when it is released. Some of them are iPod, touch screen, Bluetooth and USB port. It will also have navigation control system.

2015 Toyota Fortuner interior

2015 Toyota Fortuner: Engine

2015 Toyota Fortuner will run on a 3.0-liter engine which will generate up to 163 hp; this is for the base model.  The automobile will also come in other variants. The first being 2.7-liter engine that will produce 160 hp and the second is a 2.5-liter engine producing 140 horsepower it will also be presented with a DOHC 2.7-liter 16-valve VVT-I TR-FE engine. The automobile will be coupled with both, manual and automatic transmission. No one can say specifically how much the 2015 Toyota Fortuner will cost when it is finally released to the automobile market. Considering the number of great inputs available in it, it is expected to be more expensive than the previous one. The amount you however pay will be determined by the variant you go for and the engine capacity under the hood.

2015 Toyota Fortuner side

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