2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2015 Toyota Avalon has some similarities to the previous version in appearance. But many of the similarities had been touched to give the automobile an improved appearance. Not too many changes are expected in the exterior but it is expected to look classier and rather more contemporary than the previous version. It is not released into the auto market yet. Its release date is not yet made public by the manufactures. But feelers reaching us are of the opinion that it should be expected in the market by the last quarter of 2014 or first month of 2015. It will prove to be an automobile with a difference in terms of rigidity and durability. Its design and the material used in building it will also add to its fuel economy. Some of its features, specifications and expected price will be discussed below.

2015 Toyota Avalon front

2015 Toyota Avalon: Changes, Redesign

2015 Toyota Avalon is expected to come with reduced dimension in comparison with previous version. Not much change is expected in its exterior. But it is expected to look more stylish and sophisticated than the previous. Its headlights are however expected to be redesigned. They are expected to be presented as Quadra beam. The taillight is expected to be of LED. The wheel is expected to be 17 or 18 inches in diameter. It is expected to be presented in wide varieties of colors. It will come in 4 different trim levels, which are Limited, Touring XLE, XLE Premium and XLE. It is expected to give other automobiles like Hyundai Azaeri, Buick LaCrosse and Chrysler 300 a good run for their money.

2015 Toyota Avalon side

2015 Toyota Avalon: Interior

It comes with some standard equipment that set it apart from the crowd. It comes with a multifunctional touchscreen display, which can receive command from the driver directly. Other inclusions are intelligent key, rear view camera, electric power moon roof, memory front seats,  heated seats, leather upholstery, hi tech braking system, Rear Corner Caution Traffic System, Bluetooth connectivity and Toyota Neptune System. Its technological improvement makes it stand tall above other automobiles in similar category.  It is built with very light materials and therefore has improved fuel economy. It is specious and therefore very comfortable.

2015 Toyota Avalon interior

2015 Toyota Avalon: Engine, Hybrid, Price

Under the hood, 2015 Toyota Avalon will run on a V6 3.5-liter engine. The engine has some similarities with that of 2013 model, but it produces 12 hp more than that of 2013. In total, the engine produces 280 horsepower with 248 lb feet of torque. It is also coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission. This ensures exceptional engine performance. 2015 Toyota Avalon also comes in hybrid form, which runs on 2.5-liter 2AR-FXE engine. The hybrid form comes with Nickel-Hydride battery of about 245V. The hybrid engine is able to produce up to 200 horsepower. The hybrid form comes in three modes, which are Sports, ECO and EV. Each of these three modes is also paired with six-speed automatic transmission. 2015 Toyota Avalon is expected to be sold for $ 30,990 for the base model. You may have to pay more if you opt for one or two extra features not in the base model. The hybrid model is however expected to be sold for $ 41,000.

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