2015 Subaru Legacy

2015 Subaru Legacy is still in the production line. It is yet to be made available in the auto market. But it is expected to finally be unveiled by the fourth quarter of 2014 or very early in 2015.  Buyers should expect lots of innovations and new design in this new model. It promises to provide something better than what is obtainable in any of the past versions. If you had a great driving experience in the past version, you can expect something even better in the new version by the time it finally hits the market. Every dime spent on it will turn to be money well spent. Through this write up, you will get to learn one or two things about its specifications, features and expected price.

2015 Subaru Legacy front

2015 Subaru Legacy: Design, Specs, MPG

2015 Subaru Legacy will be a mid size automobile. It is designed with your complete satisfaction in mind. It comes with a number of entertainment inclusions to help make driving a very interesting endeavor. Some of them include back up camera, infotainment system, navigation control system, standard touch screen, USB port, Bluetooth, CD player, speakers and lots more. Asides this, it also comes with a number of  security inclusions like stability control system, traction control system, lane departure alert, seat belts, air bag system rear view camera and many more.  The interior is considerably spacious. It can seat up to 5 adults conveniently. Roof line is same for both the driver and passengers. The roof line is high enough to ensure more convenience. There is also ample space for luggage in the trunk. The dashboard is built around the driver for better control. The exterior receives lots of new touches that places it higher than the previous version. For one, it is given new bumpers and new grilles. It also comes with redesigned headlights made of LED. Its taillights are all new; same for its fog lights made for poor visibility. The external features are modified to improve on its aerodynamics.  It is available in different colors among which buyers can make their choices. 2015 Subaru Legacy is built using very light materials and this has a great positive impact on its fuel economy. Fuel consumption during city drive is 26 mpg while fuel consumption during highway drive is 36 mpg. The use of light materials also has bearing on its maneuverability, speed and engine performance.

2015 Subaru Legacy side

2015 Subaru Legacy: Engine, Price

Every model of 2015 Subaru Legacy comes with Active Torque Vectoring and this ensures very sharp handling of the automobile. In order to improve on visibility in 2015 Subaru Legacy, the manufacturers add glass very near the external mirror. It is included with upgraded Eyesight system for better functionality. 2015 Subaru Legacy will run on a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and the engine will produce 175 horsepower. Another model called Legacy 3.6R will run on a 3.6-liter flat six engine and will produce up to 256 horsepower. It is expected to be coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission. 2015 Subaru Legacy will possibly go for $ 21,695 as the price for the base model. As the features you opt for increases, so will the price you pay increase.

2015 Subaru Legacy interior

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