2015 Nissan Quest

2015 Nissan Quest is one automobile expected to showcase the ingenuity of Nissan automobiles to the world. Buyers should expect nothing short of top of the line quality from this automobile by the time it is finally released into the automobile market. It will prove to be one of the best among equals. There is heated expectation that it will hit the market sometimes in the third quarter of 2014. Its make, its design and its engine capacity will push other automobiles into the shadow. If you have greatly enjoyed the previous versions, you should expect something even more from this new version. It will prove to be a ground breaker in the automobile industry. Both its interior and exterior are expected to receive lots of new touches to make a real special automobile. You will learn about some of its features and specifications below.

2015 Nissan Quest front

2015 Nissan Quest: Redesign

Both the interior and exterior of the automobile are expected to be redesigned. It will come with newly designed grills. It will also feature newly designed bumpers to give it a real special look. Its aerodynamics is expected to be better than what obtains in the previous version. It will come with newly designed headlights made of LED. It will also feature new fog lights against poor visibility. It will feature new taillight also and the interior will be considerably spacious. The dashboard will include a number of newly added controls to make your driving experience one to relive.

2015 Nissan Quest: Interior

2015 Nissan Quest will feature a number of entertainment inclusions to make driving more interesting. Some of such entertainment features are 8 inch LCD screen, navigation control system, infotainment, CD player, USB port and lots more. Security and safety will also be well provided for in the automobile. It is expected to feature important safety inclusions like the usual seat belts for each standard occupant, air bag system, rear view camera, forward collision prevention system, traction control system and several others all in an attempt to give you peace of mind while you drive.

2015 Nissan Quest interior

2015 Nissan Quest: Engine, MPG

2015 Nissan Quest comes with very strong suspension to enable the automobile glide safely and securely on any kind of terrain; irrespective of how smooth or rough the terrain may be. This makes it one of the best automobiles for those off road journeys. Its wheels are 18 inches in diameter and this gives it firmer grip on the tarmac. 2015 Nissan Quest will run on a V6 3.5 liters engine. The engine can generate up to 260 horsepower at the rate of 6000 rpm and a torque of 240 pound feet at the rate of 4400 rpm. Its induction is atmospheric and its transmission is CVT. 2015 Nissan Quest comes as front wheel drive and it is a minivan with a difference. Its fuel consumption is 11.1 mpg during city drive and 8.1 mpg during highway drive.

2015 Nissan Quest rear

2015 Nissan Quest: Release Date, Price

2015 Nissan Quest is expected to sell for $ 29,998 when it hits the market in the third quarter of 2014. Factors like inflation and the number of features you opt for may end up changing what you actually pay for the automobile. Expectant buyers can also have a monthly payment of $ 566 per month.

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