2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse will surely portray to the world what quality and reliability can be obtainable in Mitsubishi products. It will also show the world how the automobile has metamorphosed from the previous runoff the mill design to top class automobile in terms of engine capacity and classy looks. It is yet to be made available in the auto market, but there are very strong feelings that it will hit the auto market sometimes in the last quarter of 2014.  Other automobiles in the same category will find an equal competitor in the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse.  It will be built using top quality materials both interiorly and exteriorly. It will be included with lots of new features like never before and its maneuverability is expected to be top of the class. Learn more about the expected specifications, features and price below.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse front

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse: Engine

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse is expected to run on a SOHC MIVEC 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engine. The engine will be expected to produce up to 162 horsepower. The automobile is also expected to be made available in another engine variant, which will be a 3.8-litre engine. This other engine will be expected to produce 265 horsepower. The engine should be able to propel the automobile from 0 to 60 mph within six seconds. The engine will be coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission and it will run on regular gas. Externally, the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be designed with intent to improve on its aerodynamics. Its appearance will make it look rather futuristic. It will come with new headlights made of LED; it will receive newly designed fog light and also new taillights. Its bumper and grilles will be given some modifications too. It will have somewhat large air intake under its LED front. At the back anyway, it will be given two air intakes and the air intake will come in form of triangle. It will also feature oval pair of exhaust pipes. At the edges of 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse, there will be thick bars of five aluminum alloy.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse side

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse: Design, Interior

Inclusion of aluminum in its design will greatly reduce its weight. Aluminum is a rather light material and its use in design will reduce the automobiles weigh and will improve fuel economy. It will also make navigation very easy. Aside this, its speed and its engine performance will be given huge leaps. Its interior will of course be beautiful to say the least. It will be designed to meet up with latest technology in the automobile world. The dashboard will be redesigned and there will be lots of inclusions to help improve its functionality. Lots of entertainment features befitting of an automobile for the future will be thrown into 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse to make driving more comfortable. No one can specifically say what the price will be on the 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The price is however expected to be higher than what obtains in any of the previous versions. The price should be available by the time the automobile finally hits the auto market. Its beautiful look and lots of changes made to it are some of the factors that will increase the price.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse interior

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