2015 Mercedes Concept GLA

Probably you can guess, the 2015 Mercedes Concept GLA​​, as well as a very high-quality mixture over the Mercedes class, such as CLS, SLK, A class. Looking and knowing certain characteristics of this new model, we can say that this is a winning combination. Concept GLA​​, a famous German car producer of the luxury compact crossover, which has attracted enormous attention and has become one of the most interesting high-performance models. Is the German carmaker accidentally saved this vehicle to match its classic and standard  competitors do not believe, however, because the Germans very well how and what they do. In fact, this concept may directly opposes the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and the Acura RDX. Time release in the U.S. will be in the fall, and the European market earlier. Price is not yet known, but we will try to make an announcement soon.

2015 Mercedes GLA concept

 2015 Mercedes Concept GLA: Specs, Design

The interior of the new 2015 Mercedes Concept GLA ​​has many similarities with the above classes, the muscular bonnet, paragraph with it down the back of the due – which seems stable and relaxed and always ready for action. Attractive appearance comes from luxurious lighting, these are LED lights with headlights that have lasers, specifically the ability to project images and video on the screen or on the road or at another appropriate flat surface. Concept features frameless side windows, while the front part is decorated beside the headlights and grille – which is a very aggressive design. This model with a large roof spoiler, there is a lot to sportiness and myself. The rear of the 2015 Mercedes Concept GLA ​​is striking not only for its aggressive lines, but the exhaust pipes of high quality and design. Concept has a choice of two cameras, placed below the upper boom and of course chrome. The interior of the Mercedes vehicles were at the top when it comes to possessing a high technological elements. Plenty of top systems and functions in ovon concept – considered last words of technology. In addition, we must emphasize the extremely attractive and friendly atmosphere in what is embedded only the best. Fifth SUV, Mercedes is very CONDUCT this your work. Model pays great attention to security systems.

2015 Mercedes GLA concept

2015 Mercedes Concept GLA: Engine

Mercedes has decided that the 2015 Mercedes Concept GLA ​​grant new M 270 4-cylinder 2.0L petrol engine, which generates 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Concept has received the appropriate 7-speed transmission with double clutch and drive to all four wheels. Otherwise, the vehicle will have a standard 18-inch and 20-inch wheels as optional. We must point out specifically that this model has a certain off-road capabilities, which is ideal for example for two or for the whole family to enjoy mountain trips.

2015 Mercedes GLA concept

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