2015 Mazda MX 5 miata, pics, release date

Expectations are high and the challenges for the year 2015 Mazda MX 5 and this was confirmed by one of the leaders of Mazda Motor Corp.  Mr. Ikuo Maeda . This model should be seriously if you are not fans of Mazda vehicles and for one simple reason . This is because of its long and successful tradition since 1989 . Continuous improvement and performance improvement and investment , the new MX 5 of the model year 2015 will certainly , as they say – find their place under the sun . This is normally 4 generations of the Mazda MX 5 way this year celebrating the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the first models of the Mazda MX 5 , it was at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989. Release date of the new model should be soon and the actual price is still unknown , although there are rumors about 30 000 dollars . As competition model Mazda MX 5, see the vehicles and Cooper S Mitsubishi Eclipse Spider .

 2015 Mazda MX 5 side

Exterior 2015 Mazda MX 5 rounds of interest mainly to the grid and increased , attractive design . The entire front end carries a specific and easily observable elements , in addition to the bars , are marvelous and exceptional LED lights with special oblique forms. The whole exterior look is characterized by lighter and cleaner lines , which give the vehicle a certain dose of elegance . We are proud that the design of exhaust pipes that adorn the rear of the vehicle. 2015 Mazda MX 5 is constructed from high quality steel with a very good solution structure , which has lost some 270 pounds. This will be the easiest car in its class . Of course that losing the weight , the vehicle gets to your improved performance . Among the wheelbase is slightly longer, therefore the body is elongated , which certainly looks more sporty . Awnings and folding hard top that many are used to, will be on offer and it’s like some kind of tradition. The interior of the new model MX 5 has certainly improved and streamlined design with the use of quality materials . Designers were particularly bothered about the details precisely aluminum accents and a very comfortable sport -designed seats . What will regard the platform as we learned in 2015 Mazda MX 5 will be shared with the Alfa Romeo, which of course means the same features which include Drivetrain , uni – body and chassis . By all accounts, it is evident that the information given by the top people of Mazda , and that is that the MX 5 of the model year 2015 to be their best vehicle .

 2015 Mazda MX 5 rear

2015 Mazda MX 5 review

When it comes to engine choices for the 2015 Mazda MX 5 that will respond fully to this model, the choice is really wide . I have to say , that all the data below is still only in the form of rumors and assumptions . The only thing we can say that one of the options listed engine certainly find under the hood – but who , nevertheless we wait for yourself to make sure. One version of the engine 1 , 3 L Turbo 4 – cylinder with a production output of 200 hp. The second version is 1, 5 L Skiactiv – G 4 – cylinder with 125 hp production . The third version is 2, 0 L with 6 – speed manual transmission manufacturing 145 hp. 4 versions of the diesel engine 1, 6 L SkiActiv – D with the ability to generate 130 hp. Note that the way this year is celebrating 25 years since the introduction of the Mazda MX 5 – Miata because first appearance was at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989.

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