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What It Is: A Frankenstein take a look at mule assembled for evaluating what we expect can eventually become the 2015 Lincoln MKS. Generally in development, associate altered version of a famous vehicle—in this case, a Ford Fusion—will be used as a baseline to assemble knowledge for associate coming model before the styling is finalized. This specific mule makes use of the Fusion’s CD4 platform that’s been changed to emulate the beefier stance of the MKS’s platform, and also the somewhat-crudely connected body part replicates the overall aero form of the longer term MKS. It’s going to appear as if a bungled Fusion, however this mule consists of variety of power train and mechanics fittings which will preview the next-generation MKS.

 2015 Lincoln Navigator side

2015 Lincoln Navigator review

Why It Matters: Serving because the brand’s flagship, a brand new MKS provides Lincoln with another, nay, and its best chance nevertheless to insist that it’s quite simply a set of expensive and absolutely loaded Fords. As Ford’s lineup continues to induce additional enticing and additional inundated with nonobligatory options, the need of Lincoln’s existence becomes less and fewer. Platform: our greatest intelligence suggests that the next-gen MKS can arrive on Ford’s D3/D4 platform that underpins this MKS, the MKT, the Ford Taurus, the Ford Flex, and also the Ford adventurer. There area unit rumors that the MKS might be the primary large vehicle to create the jump to Ford’s CD4 platform, that is the inspiration for the Fusion and also the MKZ. We’re not as convinced concerning such a state of affairs as any price savings realized in sharing this platform would be negated by the big range of changes that may be needed so as to handle the MKS’s larger dimensions.

2015 Lincoln Navigator rear

2015 Lincoln Navigator engine

Powertrain: we tend to expect that base-engine duties are going to be served by Ford’s three.7-liter V-6, doubtless joined by the two.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and also the three.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 as nonobligatory powerplants. Our lensman claims this specific mule exhibited a “strong engine and exhaust note,” that may indicate the provision of Ford’s coming Nano vary of V-6 engines—although we’re told these new mills doubtless won’t be offered till a minimum of a year or 2 when launch. The selection of front- and all-wheel-drive versions can continue. Competition: Acura RLX, Cadillac XTS, Infiniti M, Lexus LS. Estimated Arrival and Price: Considering this mule seems to be in its infancy, we tend to don’t expect the new MKS to be unconcealed till it slows next year. Rating shouldn’t be affected an excessive amount of by the plan, however expect this base worth of $43,765 to inflate by a number of grand.

2015 Lincoln Navigator interior

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