2015 Jaguar XF price, concept, pictures

Jaguar has this year offered as a model XF mid-size luxury sedan, model 2015. The debut of this first model was almost five years ago, precisely in 2009 and then had a pretty good success and redesigned sometime in 2012. In order to survive in an ever stronger and more demanding market, Jaguar has decided to improve all the performance and present itself as a modern, powerful vehicle. Of course, thanks to espionage footage, we get appropriate information on the repaired vehicle, which was very successful last test . We must emphasize that this is a working version or a prototype, so knowing the practice and experience of all automotive manufacturers, permitted many deviations in the production version . This famous company announced the new 2015 Jaguar XF model as a model of which will be most expected from their entire oeuvre newer models. Ambitious and confident in your work, it is hoped that the results will be so high and successful, as well as expectations. The biggest competition consists of models BMW 5-series and Audi A 6

2015 Jaguar XF side

2015 Jaguar XF concept

As a first information we received, we can say that the new 2015 Jaguar XF model has the same modular aluminum platform IK and concept CX 17 and XS. There are differences are reflected in the fact that the XF model, much easier with a tighter wheelbase. Exterior offers a powerful image and attitude attractive with a certain touch of modern. The front of the car is adorned recessed new grille with wide wheel arches. Lines of cars are given to streamlining and besides good looks, handles immersed in the body which also helps in less aerodynamics. The rear of the model is powerful look with a pair of exhaust pipes. Exhaust pipes are now located close below the middle of the bumper, where they remained visible and conspicuous spaces, where will probably find a 4 cylinder diesel and petrol powertrains. As for light illumination, it is a set of revised headlights , which includes new headlights and new taillights . The overall design of this model is commended by both the producers as well as journalists and experts who have had the opportunity to see the car in testing at the Nurburgring. Due to the increased use of lighter materials in the construction of the model, such as aluminum and body panels. Vehicle has lost a lot of weight, which in addition to all the benefits leads to increased aerodynamics, resulting in improved fuel economy and a very important item – reduction of CO2 emissions. The interior was also improved, in terms of use of high quality materials, practical and well -designed details, comfortable seats . Special emphasis is given to technological elements such outstanding innovation and achievement. Many systems and functions to a great extent help smooth and make it enjoyable and largely secure.

 2015 Jaguar XF rear

2015 Jaguar XF price

Do any changes will come we are not sure but we believe that the enhanced and upgraded units are sure to find under the hood of 2015 Jaguar XF. Engines V 6 and V 8 would be a better option model. There are data on possible engine that is in the model of Jaguar Land Rover 4 – cylinder engine. It is a great opportunity, and 3.0 LV 6 engine that produces 340 hp and 330 lb -ft of torque to the rear wheel drive and 8- speed automatic transmission. Time to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, is forecast by 5.7 seconds. We must point out that these data are confirmed and verified as based on hearsay. The debut of this model 2015 Jaguar XF is expected at the Motor Show in 2014 and the sale in early 2015. Realistically, early to estimate the selling price, but it talks about the base price of about 50 000 to test cost about 70 000 dollars.

2015 Jaguar XF

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