2015 Ford Fusion Sport Hybrid sedan

Over the years, Ford has established themselves in the automobile world as a top brand. Each and every year, it launches some quality car or the other. But this time it’s something different. This time it has promised to launch a car into automobile market having brand new specifications and a very powerful engine of its kind. The 2015 Ford Fusion will be their upcoming model. It is expected to provide high performance and amazing attitude, looks, etc to amaze everyone.

With impressive fuel economy, four- door battery augmented system, a completely new concept and design is expected to make 2015 Ford Fusion model a popular car in the coming years. In this article, you will get known more and more about this new Fusion.

2015 Ford Fusion sport front view

2015 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior Design

The 2015 Ford Fusion has been given a simple and stylish Ford car design. Manufacturers have used light weight materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, etc for making its body thereby considerably reducing its weight to about 3615 lbs. There is a dominance of LED lights in headlights, tail lamps, etc. Redesigning has also been done on the place for hexagonal shape license plate insertion and on its grille as well.

The 2015 Ford Fusion Sport comes with an attractive interior cabin made of one of the best quality materials found which is actually unexpected. For its driver, steering wheel is covered with leather covers along with that typical passel of about 22 individual buttons which is a characteristic symbol of Ford. Its interior is actually very spacious.

One will be able to experience best of comfort always i.e. it does not matter whether it’s on the streets or highways, one will get every bit if comfort which is required as it balances overall weight. It’s safety and security features have also been looked into.

Some of these features are anti-braking system, auto lane shifting system, blind spot detection system, collision avoiding system, automatic alarm and warning system (works when vehicle is going too fast for sometime), parking assistance system consisting of front and back cameras and sensors, auto cruise control, etc. Cabin’s air conditioning can be controlled by touch-capacitive large touch screen, awesome console mounted shifter and many more.

2015 Ford Fusion sport rear view

2015 Ford Fusion Engine and Performance

Buyers will have various engine system types to choose from for 2015 Ford Fusion. Some of which are 2.0 Liter, 1.6 Liter or 1.5 liter Eco-boost engine. This is a very new engine system in world market having dual camshaft timing. About nearly 200 HP and 200 plus torque is generated by these engines. Star/stop systems are also provided to reduce fuel consumptions. This model comes with a front wheel drive. An amazing set of turbo charged hybrid engine are also provided with Fusion having a combo of electric motor and 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engines. The hybrid car version has a mileage of 47 mpg on streets and highways.

2015 Ford Fusion sport interior

2015 Ford Fusion Release Date and Price

Basic model of 2015 Ford Fusion is expected to have an estimated price of $23,000 and hybrid versions will cost around $ 39,000.

This car is set to be launched next year i.e. 2015. Though it has a somewhat lofty price but has an impressive mileage and fuel economy. So, don’t think so much and have a drive in it.

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