2015 Ford Fiesta

Ford updated all variants of their Fiesta for model year 2014 and this updated look will be carried on to its 2015 variant. While minor technological updates are currently lined up, we do not expect any major changes on the 2015 Ford Fiesta. In a segment owned by the big players, Ford’s Fiesta holds its own. It might not be the meanest, biggest or most aggressive vehicle out there, but is reliable and perfectly suited to urban commuting.

2015 Ford Fiesta ST front view

2015 Ford Fiesta Exterior:

Let’s discuss about how this vehicle looks on the outside. Ford is yet to showcase exactly what changes they might have brought, although, these should be kept to a minimalistic level, as their previous installment has been pretty impressive so far. The Fiesta has had a great fan following thanks to Ford’s initiative to enter rally events and motorsports with this vehicle.

The overall design is lightweight, maneuverable and subcompact, aiding performance, also making it best suited to urban commuting. A stock 2015 Ford Fiesta will not be able to perform half as much as its off road prepped cousin, although, you could opt for a prepped up variant, for extra payment.

2015 Ford Fiesta Interior:

The 2015 Ford Fiesta should feature major upgrades in this regard. Despite official confirmations nowhere in sight, we are willing to take the expert call on this vehicle, as Ford does not have numerous interior options, if they want to keep prices down, considering exterior and drivetrain upgrades (we will get back to that later!)

We expect the cabin to be quite bland, just like its previous installment, although, it is packed with features, completely to the brim. We would love some funky color combinations, breaking the monotony, at least as an optional feature, although, Ford is not interested at all. Standard trim includes driver aides and safety additions that make life easier for owners, which however leaves us with nothing new to report.

2015 Ford Fiesta ST rear view

2015 Ford Fiesta Engine Options:

The 2015 Ford Fiesta shall draw power from a range of petrol and hybrid engine options, ranging from three cylinder 1.0 liter petrol to a four cylinder 1.6 liter petrol variant. While we have no confirmed reports on the displacement figures from the smaller block, the bigger block displaces 120 BHP along with 112 ft lb.

All engine options are hooked on to a manual five speed gear box, while, an optional 6 speed automated could be yours for a premium. A larger four cylinder 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine, displacing 197 BHP, along with 202 ft lb of torque, is also available, while fuel efficiency ranges from 30/40 MPG city/freeway for most options.

2015 Ford Fiesta ST interior

Final Impression:

The 2015 Ford Fiesta is a highly responsive machine, capable of transporting people around the city. Even though it has sufficient leg and head room, a small boot capacity undermines its overall usability. We hope to see Ford come up with a better variant in future, although, this car has potential too. Both the five and six speed transmission options work well with every engine, stabilizing power distribution and general performance.

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