2015 BMW X5

A large number of fans of BMW cars and one of the main characteristics of fans of BMW cars, the loyalty and devotion, no matter what is happening in and on these vehicles. When delay in presentation or series production, patiently waiting without complaint. The reason for this is – BMW has really earned it with all of its advanced features and quality is in general. That is the case here with the 2015 BMW X5, which is waiting for a vehicle ‘s model year 2015. As competitors this new model, proved to be the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, Land Rover Range – Rover Sport and Infiniti FX .

 2015 BMW X5 side

2015 BMW X5: Specs

On the basis of Espionage shots of the future 2015 model BMW X5, may be only partially determined by something. Firstly, as we have observed, it is the width of the model, ie, the model is slightly wider compared to the predecessor. He got more muscle mass, and the position of the vehicle is now more stable and more powerful appearance. Change styling contributions and lighting, lights that are now grouped and are simply drowned the grid. The standard X5  as the M version, they get improvements in terms of aerodynamics, with a reduction in the overall weight of the vehicle. Both versions of the model are with reinforced four wide exhaust pipe, which in addition to its function, give the car a more powerful appearance. When we talk about the interior of the vehicle, note the use of very high quality materials in new 2015 BMW X5.

2015 BMW X5: Interior

Designers are bothered about the details that make driving more pleasant and facilitated. Basically, the interior is quite modern what contributions comfortable and nicely designed seats as well as high levels of technological elements. It is known that BMW, as a famous automobile brand, is working hard on perfecting the technology. In the new model, in addition to the navigation system, special attention is drawn ifotainment Likuid Cristal Displai, iDrive system. Safety of passengers is at a very high level, thanks to a large number of security systems and functions. On testing safety, BMW experts are particularly proud on the braking system, which has proven to be extremely efficient and functional .

 2015 BMW X5 Rear

2015 BMW X5: Release Date, Engine

Drive units of the new model 2015 BMW X5, will be a rich offer. There they found themselves gasoline, diesel engines and hybrids. According to unofficial information, it is about 2.0L turbo diesel engine but also a V8 petrol engine. Unfortunately, we were not able to give detailed information, but we can draw attention to the 2015 BMW X5 M, which we already all know they have the most powerful engine. Model 2015 X5 M will probably run twin 4.4 L turbocharged V8 engine, with exceptional 555 hp and 680 Nm of torque . This model BMW X5 M Driver package with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds, with the release will be delayed compared to the standard model of the BMW X5. Serial production 2015 BMW X5 should start at the beginning of 2015th year.

2015 BMW X5

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