2016 Mercedes GLK Engine

Upgrading slightly differently from its predecessor, the 2016 Mercedes GLK will be available for the first time for right-hand drive markets. In direct contrast and similarities with the vehicles like BMW’s X3 and Audi’s Q5, the model will be upgraded to 2016 Mercedes GLK, borrowing from its C-class architecture. This crossover will bring important changes for this line and will be given an extensive facelift since the new design for 2013. A myriad of assistance systems, a new heads up display and gasoline-fed models are just the highlights for this revamped design.

2016 Mercedes GLK front

2016 Mercedes GLK Review

2016 Mercedes GLK the platform will most definitely be based off the upcoming C-class. This means that it can accommodate more power train options and electronic gadgets reserved for a higher vehicle class. Featuring new grille and headlights, it contains chrome detailing for the registration plate, as well as new tail lights. Since its development with a joint engineering program alongside the fourth generation C-class, it will share plenty of the crucial elements of that platform, with its own drive lines and technical features. The GLC’s modular platform gives the scope for both left and right hand variants, credited to a newly engineered drive-shaft arrangement for the front wheels, preserving right hand foot-well space. The size boost will not sacrifice the power of the engine as well. 2016 Mercedes GLK retaining a five door body, a more sporting variant will be available to rival BMW’s X4.

2016 Mercedes GLK rear

2016 Mercedes GLK Engine

2016 Mercedes GLK a choice of either four or six-cylinder turbocharged engines can power the rear or turn it to an all-wheel drive. Enthusiasts can also opt for the twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 direct petrol engine similar to the AMG. Said engine options will be attached to either a seven or nine speed gearbox, and will offer the choice for a rear or four wheel drive depending on buyers’ preferences. Engineering a plug-in hybrid version for the 2016 model, it will utilize the same drive line as the C-class plug in hybrid. Serving as an up level power plant is the 3.0 liter, 329 Hp V6 engine of the upcoming E400.

2016 Mercedes GLK interior

2016 Mercedes GLK Release Date and Price

For its commercial release in summer of this year, this 2016 Mercedes GLK will feature a sleeker design for its cabin. A free-standing multimedia monitor, switchgear, seats and streamlined instruments are all attuned with the latest Mercedes design, and is a massive step-up from its predecessor. Estimated tag price will be around $47,000, and though radical in its improvements, it will maintain the focus of the current model – a capable and luxurious off-road capable contender to the BMW’s X4 and Audi’s Q5, specially for the New York and Shanghai auto shows.

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